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Multilingual Chicago is a grassroots initiative launched in 2005 to embrace and value the more than one hundred languages, along with English, spoken by more than a half a million citizens that make Chicago a multilingual city. 


Our mission is to recognize and promote the many languages spoken in our city. In Chicago, multilingualism equips our citizens with confidence and better interpersonal and social communication skills. In addition, the ability to speak two or more languages is a gift through which individuals demonstrate tolerance and service to others. Our goal is to celebrate the people who possess this invaluable resource: LANGUAGES.

We, as representatives of ethnic organizations, members of community groups and educators, strongly believe that using other languages in addition to English brings many benefits to the City of Chicago, such as:

  • Advancing local and international commerce 

  • Increasing scientific and cultural creativity 

  • Contributing to global collaboration and understanding 

  • Reinforcing family and community values 

  • Fostering communication among our diverse neighborhoods 

  • Insuring effective services in the areas of national security, social services, schools, medical facilities, and other professional venues. 


On March 14, 2007, the Chicago City Council unanimously approved the “Multilingual Chicago Resolution”, officially recognizing Chicago as a multilingual city



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